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Ecuador is a country full of interesting places that attract tourists from all over the world. But there is no doubt that when you talk about Ecuador the majority of people immediately relate it to the Middle of the World. In the city of Quito there is a place called that and also it has […]

baños de santa agua

Traveling to Ecuador on your next vacation and not knowing where to stay? Join us to find the best Baños del agua Santa Hotels in Ecuador and make your journey more enjoyable. Baños de Agua Santa is a highly touristic destination nowadays. Thanks to its natural environment and the fact you can find numerous adventure […]

The Jardín Botánico in Quito( Botanical Garden of Quito)is one of the main attractions of Quito.This beautiful place has an area of ​​18,600 square meters and is located in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador. Keep reading to discover everything about this beautiful place that is home to thousands of native species of plants from […]

Ecuador is a South-American gem full of history and natural wonders, making it the perfect destination for those seeking adventure and fun. Make sure you know all the best things to do in Ecuador while you’re here. Among all the tourist attractions, the most popular are: The Galapagos Islands Cotopaxi National Park The Swing at […]

what's going on in ecuador

Here you will find all the details you need to know about what’s going on in Ecuador. This South American gem could open its doors to tourism sooner than you would expect! Having received more than 1.4 million visitors in 2019, Ecuador has become everyone’s favorite destination when traveling through South America. There are a […]

couple at the mitad del mundo

Sitting right in the center of the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere, the Mitad del Mundo is truly the middle of the world. It is literally a place like no other! After all, where else can you stand with each foot in a different hemisphere? If you think that the equatorial line is all there […]

montañita night life

2020 Updated Information about the best of nightlife in Montañita. Famous for its wild parties and incredible surf, Montañita is a once in a lifetime destination. For those of you who really just know how to have fun on travels, Montanita is a place you should explore. Have you ever taken a trip to a […]

mindo cloud forest hummingbird

2020 Updated Information about visiting Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador. From where to stay, to what to do and what to eat, this complete guide covers everything that you need to know about Mindo. Cupped in a valley deep in the magnificent Andes mountain range, Mindo Cloud Forest is just a 2-hour drive from Quito. […]

montañita beach

Check out our 2020 updated list of the best beaches in Ecuador. Whether you are looking for fishing, diving, a romantic getaway or just natural beauty, we have found the best Ecuador beaches for you. Ecuador is well-known for its extraordinary beaches; with 2,237 kilometers of coast, you can almost guarantee that there is an […]

surf shack in montañita

2020 Updated Information: Discover detailed information about each surfing spot in our Montañita Ecuador Surf Guide: where it is, the skill level required, the best waves and the good plans of a local surfer to best prepare for your surf trip in Ecuador. Summary: Montañita Ecuador Surf: the tops and flops of this beach. Where […]

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