Is Ecuador Safe - People walking in Quito

2020 Updated Information: Safety tips and advice for traveling Ecuador. The past month has seen strikes and rallies taking place against the Ecuadorian government. This is a consequence of the government’s decision to suspend gas subsidies, and meant the closure of several popular roads. After negotiations between the government and the indigenous leaders the protests […]

Buses in Ecuador- Ecuador hop

When it comes to getting around Ecuador, there is one company that has been rated the best on TripAdvisor, that comes with a trained bilingual guide for absolutely free, visits unbelievable destinations, and boasts a competitive and affordable price. Ecuador Hop is guaranteed to take you all the way around Ecuador on one ticket and […]

cotopaxi volcano

Every year thousands of people wander to Ecuador in the hopes of experiencing the real South America. Ecuador is the perfect place for this adventure as this tiny country boasts more biodiversity than any other on the planet. Known as the perfect pit-stop on the way to the Galapagos Islands, but with so much more […]

toachi canyon outside quilotoa lake

Did you know that Ecuador is the home of amazing and naturally beautiful landscapes? The perfect examples are the famous Quilotoa Lagoon and lesser known Toachi Canyon. Perfect for those who love adventures, seeing local wildlife and delighting themselves with amazing landscapes. The canyon and the lagoon are must-see destinations in any visit to Ecuador. […]

ecuador hop bus from above

From one capital city to another, Lima to Quito is a challenge that many travelers face. Yes, you could fly. Flying through South America has the reputation of being costly, and rightly so. An average flight from Lima to Quito will set you back upwards of $350. That’s expensive for anyone, and in particular a […]

the basillica in quito

The question of things to do in Quito is one that many travelers find themselves asking as they arrive in the capital city of Ecuador. A city that is bustling with life and people who welcome you as an old friend on your first meeting, Quito is the crown of Ecuador. Ensuring that you make […]

flower market in cuenca, ecuador

Adventures wait to be found in the beautifully quaint city of Cuenca, Ecuador. The town has an incredibly rich and complex history–it was even rumored to have been the lost city of El Dorado. Allow yourself to discover this beautiful town snuggled in the endlessly spectacular southern Ecuadorian Andes Mountains. Spanish colonial architecture is everywhere […]

Vilcabamba is a small, sleepy town in Southern Ecuador, with a hidden magic to it. Residents here have been reported to live as long as 134 years old. With one of the highest average ages for a town in the entire world, locals point to a few reasons. There is endless lush nature here, with […]

an array of spices available at the market

The small town of Otavalo in Ecuador has a surprise in store for visitors: This unassuming outpost in the Andes is home to the largest market in all of South America. Famous worldwide for the textiles and handmade artisanal products, there is enough here to lose yourself for hours amongst the small stalls. While the […]

pichincha volcano outside quito

The Pichincha Volcano is one of the most popular hikes in Ecuador, and is located in the Pichincha province in Ecuador. The capital city, Quito sits on Pichincha Volcano’s eastern side, the volcano is easily accessible using Quito’s cable car (teleferico). The two highest peaks of the Pichincha Volcano are Ruku Pichincha (meaning “old person”) […]

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