Best Nightlife in Montañita, Ecuador: Greatest Party Spots

2021 Updated Information about the best of nightlife in Montañita. Famous for its wild parties and incredible surf, Montañita is a once in a lifetime destination.

For those of you who really just know how to have fun on travels, Montanita is a place you should explore. Have you ever taken a trip to a place that screams no worries, and everything is so laid back in so many ways, ways that you can only imagine.

That’s Montanita for you. It’s the getaway spot you’ve been dreaming of and you’d best believe it will blow you away. Normally, when people say they partied all night, they probably didn’t mean they watched the sunrise over the ocean, which is exactly the nightlife in Montanita, Ecuador is like.

Daily Changes to Montañita Nightlife

In this lovely beach town, there’s a theme for every night. It’s known by the locals, and you can ask your accommodation for more details. Each night one club gets the limelight and it’s all about that club. On Mondays, the Lost beach club is center stage with its 3 dance floors and electronic music. It is typically a wild Monday and you’ll love it.

nightlife in montañita, the main strip

Saturdays are for Cana Grill. This place serves food during the day and has live music in the evenings which gets heated much later because it turns into a dance hall with reggae music.

Fridays are for Poco Loco. There are a lot of bars and clubs in Montanita and a lot of places to get cocktails at ridiculously low prices. There are a few different clubs that offer free drinks all night, and you will pay only the entrance fee (usually around $10).

While Montañita is simply full of different places and clubs to go to, there are some that are better than others. Here are a couple of our absolute favorites:

Lost Beach Club

This beachside club is one of the favorites, and really who can ever go wrong with a beach club? With full moon parties, cocktails and all kinds of ridiculously good times to be had, there’s not much that can go wrong when you opt for a place like the Lost Beach Club. Enjoy the cool street art style decoration inside and great vibes here.

Nativa Bambu Disco Bar

One of the most popular clubs in Montañita, this is where you go when you want to go all night. Another beautiful spot on the crust of the beach. Come and enjoy the latin music, and dance the night away with locals.

montañita nightlife, the wave

Hotel Baja Montañita

If you would like something a little more upmarket and classy for your nightlife in Montañita, then head to Hotel Baja Montañita. This is a great place to relax by the pool with a cocktail. The luxury hotel also has a restaurant for you to eat in.

Montañita Brewing Company

For the craft beer heads, make your way over to Montañita Brewing Company for a few samples of the best that Montañita has to offer cerveza wise. While this is a tiny bit out of town, it is another great spot covered in bright street art, and worth it for those craving an IPA.

El Otro Lado

The best gay bar in Montañita, El Otro Lado is a fantastic place to escape and unwind. There are huge hammocks for relaxing on with your friends or just spreading out. This is another blissful beachside bar where you can just vibe out and enjoy the sunshine.

Montañita is a town that is known for its spectacular nightlife and partying on the streets. Have you ever been to a street where music has played and people have danced on the sidewalks all night long?

From Latin music to contemporary to electronic, there’s a lot to look out for. During the day it is a small beach town famous for surfing, but by night there are many many clubs side by side and people everywhere. Nightlife in Montañita is something that you will not forget for a long time.

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