Welcome to Ecuador Hop! If you’re travelling to Ecuador or if you are already here, you might have some questions about our service and of course Ecuador itself. Our FAQs are aimed at helping you with any question you may have. Just click on the topic and you’ll be able to continue.

Ecuador Hop is a hop on hop off bus service in Ecuador. Our service covers many of the most popular stops for tourists in the country, including: Quito (former Inca administrative capital), Baños (adventure hotspot and gateway to the Amazon rainforest), Guayaquil (largest city in Ecuador) and Montañita (famous beach town and surfing mecca) as well as opportunities to visit the famous Galápagos Islands, Cotopaxi National Park and the Quilotoa Lagoon.
You’ve probably seen the red city tour buses with open tops in cities throughout the world. These buses allow you to hop off at the main tourists sights and hop back on whenever you like to visit the next stop. Our buses follow a similar concept, except we also travel the long distances between cities and towns rather than only operating inside one city. Our buses follow a specific route and you can hop on or hop off at any destination whenever you want. Your pass is valid for one year, so you can stay as long as you want in each location or just follow our recommended schedule. It’s totally up to you! Visit our How It Works page to learn more about our service.

It’s easy to hop on and hop off.

Hop off: When you make your booking your itinerary will automatically be pre-programmed to the minimum recommended time for your selected pass. If you wish to stay longer at any of the destinations along the route, just login to your unique Hop Login account using your unique booking code and last name. Here you can make changes to your itinerary up to 12 hours before the bus that you are booked on is due to depart! If you don’t want to hop off, you don’t need to do anything and you will continue on your selected schedule.

Hop on: Just log in to your Hop Login account and reserve a space on an upcoming bus or modify your dates. It’s that easy!

All hostels and hotels should have WiFi for you to access your Hop Login. You can also call our offices from the reception desk if there are issues with the internet at your accommodations.

We offer two different types of passes:

Hop On Hop Off Pass

This is our classic pass, taking you from point A to point B with interesting and unique stops along the way. Hop on or hop off whenever you want or follow our recommended itinerary. It’s totally up to you!

Day Trips

These 1-3 day trips are round-trip excursions that leave from cities throughout Ecuador. They are all-inclusive (transport + accommodation + tours). These passes are recommended for travelers who have a limited amount of time but still want to experience some of the real Ecuador. Best of all, everything is included except food!


Visit one of our offices or book online. Just choose your ideal pass based on where you want to travel and how much time you have. After you’ve chosen your pass, use our itinerary planner to plan your trip, or just update your itinerary as you go. Everything is totally flexible!

Your Trip

Once you’ve completed your booking, you’ll receive an information packet in your email which will contain everything you need to know about tours and accommodation options on your trip. We recommend downloading this or printing it so that you have it handy at all times.

We’ll pick you up at your designated pick-up point and your Ecuador Hop guide will give you your timetable along with other useful information. You’ll be able to book your tours and accommodations directly with your Ecuador Hop guide onboard.

If you get to a destination and decide you want to stay longer, no problem! That’s the beauty of Ecuador Hop. Just read our How Do I Hop On And Hop Off section above to learn how to adjust your itinerary.

Yes, we offer discounts! With your Ecuador Hop pass you’ll receive discounts and special benefits at a number of hostels as well as on any tours from the tour comparison website We also offer discounts for groups of 3 or more people.

All of our guides are proud Ecuadorians who are fluent in both English and Spanish. As native-born citizens of Ecuador, they know this country better than any of us ever could. They know all the hidden gems, all the best authentic places to eat and drink, and they’re here to teach you things about Ecuador that you’d never learn in any guidebook! Most of all, our guides are friendly and warm people who are happy to show visitors around their home country.

Ecuador Hop travels between Quito and Montañita, also making stops in Baños and the city of Guayaquil. Along the way, there is also the opportunity to participate in a number of extra tours, including to the famous Galápagos Islands, the beautiful Cotopaxi National Park, and iconic volcanic lagoon of Quilotoa.

Ecuador Hop is popular with all kinds of travelers: young backpackers, groups of friends, solo travelers, couples, families--every type of traveler imaginable. People from all over the world have ridden our buses and had an amazing time. Read more about our passengers on our Who Travels With Us page.

Your ticket includes the transport, the onboard bilingual guide, Quito hostel/hotel pickup and dropoff, as well as a number of free extra activities.

The minimum time listed on our tickets is the minimum number of days you’ll need in order to complete the full trip without opting to spend any extra time at a destination. All passes can be extended to let you stay longer if you choose. We definitely recommend hopping off and exploring each place a bit, but the length of time is up to you.

No, accommodation is not included. However, we have partnered with a number of different hotels and hostels along the route to provide discounts to our passengers. You can book your accommodation directly with your guide onboard. If you’re looking to reserve a private room, it is recommended to book a few days in advance. You can simply inform your hotel or hostel that you are an Ecuador Hop passenger and they will apply the discount directly to your bill.

No, we do not offer any direct transport. Our service is a hop on hop off bus, which means you’ll get the chance to “hop off” in each destination and enjoy some of the sights.

No, we do not sell single leg trips (such as Quito to Guayaquil).

You can book you ticket here at or on sister sites or You can also book your ticket at one of our offices or from selected hotels, hostels and travel agencies.

No, we do not sell one leg trips.

No, our goal is to provide our passengers with a real Ecuadorian experience, therefore we do not sell direct bus tickets.

Visit our Tickets & Trips section and follow the following steps to complete your booking:

  1. Decide which pass you want:
  2. Make sure you have chosen the best pass for you, then fill in your departure date and the number of passes you want to buy.

  3. Select your pickup location:
  4. Here you will need to select where you would like to be picked up at the time of your departure. If you don’t know your pickup location yet, you can select the DECIDE LATER option and email us later to confirm. However, remember that you must update your booking at least 12 hours before your departure time (and let us know your pickup location three days in advance, if possible).

  5. Fill in your passenger information:
  6. Fill out the form with your personal information along with the personal information of anyone you’re traveling with.

  7. Choose your add-ons:
  8. Here you’ll have the option to purchase any add-ons you wish to include with your pass, including the Airport Express Lima shuttle bus if you’re planning to visit Peru after traveling in Ecuador.

  9. Take a look at the summary:
  10. Look over the summary of your purchase and make sure all details are correct. This is also where you can enter a discount code, if you have one.

  11. Complete your payment:
  12. Finish your booking by paying with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Maestro. Once you have received the message, your booking is confirmed!

After you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll receive your booking confirmation via email, which will contain the reservation code you can use to access your Hop Login and make changes to your itinerary.

If you encounter any problem during booking or your payment does not go through, you can contact us or book your ticket at one of our offices.

You will receive a confirmation email within two hours of your purchase. Once you hop on your bus, you will receive your Ecuador Hop wristband which will serve as your ticket for the remainder of your trip and give you access to our special discounts.

Make sure to check your spam folder in case it has accidentally been sent there. If you still can’t find it, just email us and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Remember that Ecuador’s time zone is 5-6 hours behind Europe and 15 hours behind Australia & New Zealand, so if you’re in one of these places, we may not respond right away but rest assured that we will assist you as soon as we are able.

Booking confirmations will be sent to the email addresses given at booking. If you entered different emails for your travel partners, they will receive the confirmation at their email addresses--don’t worry!

There are a few different ways you can book a hotel or hostel for your trip with Ecuador Hop

  • Book directly with the hotel or hostel (making sure to book at least 48 hours beforehand to give them time to respond). You can visit our discounts page to learn about discounts available with your Ecuador Hop pass.

You can book tours onboard our buses directly with your guide. If you’d like to reserve your spot early and avoid costly ATM fees later, you can book securely online with the tour comparison site, which offers discounts and very flexible policies on changing tour reservations for Ecuador Hop passengers.

The extra tours that we suggest are with operators that we trust and feel confident recommending to our passengers. However, you are free to book with any tour operator you choose!

Yes, all passes can be canceled, but unfortunately we cannot give full refunds as we need to cover certain costs and fees associated with bookings. As a result, these are the refunds that we offer to customer who need to cancel their trip for whatever reason

  • At the time of booking, you will incur a minimum charge of 20% of the full ticket price.
  • Within 7 days of departure, you will be charged 40% of the full ticket price.
  • Within 3 days of departure, you will be charged 60% of the full ticket price.
  • Within 24 hours of departure or in the case of a no show, you will be charged the full ticket price.

Remember that one of the chief benefits of traveling with Ecuador Hop is its flexibility, so if you need to cancel your trip for now, you can simply change the date of travel and come at a later time since our passes are valid for up to one year after purchase. It’s also possible to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member.

Your credit card details are stored with our payment processing company which is certified by both Visa and Mastercard. They are audited every year and pass strict regulations regarding the storage of credit card data.

First, try to use a different browser to determine it’s not a software issue. If this doesn’t work, try using a different credit card. If your payment still doesn’t go through, please send an email to and our staff will assist you as much as possible.

If you are a group of 3 or more, we offer a $10 discount per person. Simply enter the discount code GRUPO at the time of booking when prompted for a discount code and your $10 discount will be automatically applied to the bill. This discount is not applicable with any other promotion. We also offer family discounts - enquire about our child rates.

The Hop Login is our unique online system which allows you to access your booking and make changes to your itinerary.

Once you book your ticket, you will receive your unique reservation code with your booking confirmation email. This code will give you access to our Hop Login system (you can enter this page via the link in the upper right corner of this page). To access your Hop Login, just enter your unique reservation code along with your last name.

Within your Hop Login, you’ll be able to make changes to your booking, update your pick-up points and change travel dates. However, all changes to your itinerary must be made at least 12 hours prior to your next departure.

No, it is not possible to reserve specific seats.

The easiest way is to check your itinerary using our Hop Login system. You can also view the Bus Timetables on the individual page for the pass you have chosen or consult the physical copy of the timetables which you will receive when you start your trip.

In Quito, we will pick you up directly from your hostel or hotel. You just need to let us know where to pick you up from! You can add this information directly into your Hop Login. See our section About Your Hop Login for more information about this process. At other destinations, we'll pick you up at a safe designated meeting point. Your guide will explain this to you upon arrival in each destination.

If you don’t wish to stay overnight at a location and want to continue traveling the same day, you don’t need to select anything for a pickup location. You can simply meet your bus at a designated pickup point. Your onboard guide will explain this to you upon arrival at each destination.

To hop off, all you need to do is use your Hop Login to update your itinerary. For more details, see the About Your Hop Login section.

The majority of our passengers do follow the recommended itinerary and many people plan their entire trip around it. It is also possible to use our recommendations as a guideline and customize around it by staying longer in places that you have a particular interest in.

Once you’ve made your reservation, you can access your Hop Login to make changes to your itinerary. If you plan to follow our recommended itinerary, you don’t need to do anything.

As long as your group books a departure on the same day, you will be on the same bus--don’t worry!

We have agreements with our favorite restaurants at each destination to provide special deals for our passengers. However, you are totally free to eat wherever you’d like--Ecuador Hop is not a tour.

Each seat is a comfortable semi-bed, which reclines to 140 degrees.

If you are not spending the night, you will be able to store your bag either on the bus or store it for free at one of our hostel or hotel partners. Talk to your onboard Ecuador Hop guide to arrange this.

We don’t like to give our passengers too many restrictions, but we do have a few rules in place for everyone’s safety and comfort.

  • Only number 1 (pee) is allowed in our bathrooms. Our toilet facilities are not equipped for number 2.
  • Behavior which disturbs other passengers in any way is not allowed onboard.
  • Please respect our property. We do our best to take care of our buses to ensure the comfort of our guests. Please do your part to allow future passengers to enjoy the same experience.
  • Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on the bus.
  • There is no smoking allowed onboard (including the bathrooms).

Each extra tour has its own individual page, which should answer any questions you might have:

You can book extra tours onboard the bus through your guide, who can book your tours via the tour comparison website However, we do recommend booking in advance to ensure availability, so feel free to visit this site and compare tours yourself. All Ecuador Hop passengers receive discounts and flexible booking options on, so we recommend this as the best place to look for tours.

The extra tours listed here are just our suggestions. They are tours run by operators that we feel confident recommending to our passengers. However, you are totally free to book tours with any operator that you wish.

All of our buses are kept in good condition and are equipped with the latest high-tech braking and suspension systems. There is always an Ecuador Hop guide on board to assist with any issues, and the buses are monitored by a GPS tracking system 24 hours a day. Learn more about our safety policies on our Bus Safety page.

Each of our drivers is licensed to drive our buses by the Ecuadorian government. We also conduct regular reviews and inspections to ensure that all safety procedures are being followed. We encourage our passengers to review our drivers, how safe it felt onboard, how fast they were driving, etc. and we use these reviews to evaluate our drivers.

All our buses are monitored by GPS 24 hours a day to ensure that no unplanned stops are taken, the correct route is being followed, and the maximum speed is being respected. Learn more about our safety policies on our Bus Safety page.

Large bags are stored in our luggage compartments while on the bus, while your personal items and small bags can remain with you at all times. At hotels and hostels, you’ll be able to make use of private lockers; however, it’s advisable to bring your own padlock since they are not always provided.

Like all countries in the world, there are parts that are really safe and parts that are dangerous. It is about being aware of where you are and not taking your safety for granted. Some people see tourists as easy targets for money, laptops, cameras etc., so always be aware of pickpockets and stay vigilant, even if everything seems alright.

For example, never use an ATM at night if possible, never walk alone at night, and try to always stay in a group. Basic things like this can sometimes be forgotten and these are the moments you will get targeted.

Public buses in Ecuador are generally safe, but you should only take them if you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there, in order to avoid ending up in any unfamiliar or potentially dangerous areas.

We recommend using popular apps like Uber or Taxi Beat when you want to order a taxi. These services are slightly more expensive than hailing taxis off the street, but knowing the identity of the driver provides an extra level of security. If you do decide to hail a taxi off the street, make sure you negotiate your price before entering the vehicle, since taxis in South America do not come equipped with meters.

We would recommend taking out a personal travel insurance policy before coming to Ecuador, since unfortunate events such as personal injury or property loss can happen anywhere in the world and are not the responsibility of Ecuador Hop.

In general, it’s safe to use ATMs in Ecuador. It’s best to use ATMs at large banks such as Banco Pichincha or Citibank rather than the small ones located at gas stations or shops. We also recommend against using ATMs late at night for safety reasons.

The national language of Ecuador is Spanish. English is spoken by most hotel/hostel staff and service staff in larger cities, but the majority of bus drivers, taxi drivers and store clerks do not speak any English. Learning a few words and phrases in Spanish before you come will definitely make things a little easier for you, but you should be able to manage without knowing Spanish as long as you stay in touristic places.

In some parts of Ecuador, indigenous languages such as northern forms of Quechua are prominent. However, most tourists are unlikely to encounter anyone who does not understand Spanish.

The official currency of Ecuador is the US Dollar. The Ecuadorian Treasury does mint its own coins for denominations less than $1, but coins from the United States are widely accepted as well. Be aware that due to problems with counterfeited bills, it is quite difficult to break larger bills like $100s, $50s or even $20s in Ecuador, so it’s best to carry as many $1 and $5 bills as you can.

You should definitely bring a small backpack to carry with you on day trips and treks. Also make sure to bring clothes suitable for all types of weather: swimsuits, shorts and sunglasses for the sunny beach along with sweaters, hats and scarves for the chilly mountains. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen and insect repellent to use when appropriate.

We recommend carrying around $200-$300 in cash. That should be enough to get you through about one week before you’ll need to withdraw more money from an ATM.

How much you spend will depend on the style of accommodations you choose and where you choose to eat. Hostel beds average around $8-9 per night while private rooms start at around $20 depending on the quality of the hostel or hotel. Three meals will generally cost about $10-20 per day if you are dining at local eateries. Large beers cost around $3-4 and bottles of water are about $0.50. Tours are, of course, an additional expense that must be accounted for as well.

Yes, your passport is required to enter the country and is also required as proof of identity on our buses as well as at hotels and hostels. Make sure not to forget your passport!

Vaccines are not a requirement for entering Ecuador, but consult a travel doctor to find out what vaccines are recommended for you, if any. Those who are planning to travel to the Amazon rainforest or plan to travel to Bolivia should receive a vaccine for Yellow Fever.

Some of the locations we travel to in Ecuador are located at high altitude while others are located near sea level on the coast. One benefit to traveling by bus is that the changes in altitude come slower than if you were to travel by airplane. With that said, you should always give yourself a day or two to acclimatize at each new location before attempting any strenuous physical activity such as hiking.