Below you’ll find a number of extra tours that you can join on your travels through the country with Ecuador Hop. While these tours are optional, they are highly recommended as a way to see the real Ecuador and its diverse culture and natural beauty. The beauty of the hop on hop off style of travel is that your itinerary is totally flexible. If you’re interested in adding one of these extra tours to your trip, you can book ahead of time or just speak to your Ecuador Hop guide, who will assist you with making a booking

Cotopaxi Tour :

This protected area surrounds the beautiful Cotopaxi Volcano, an iconic snow-capped peak which is visible all the way from Quito on a clear day. Professional mountaineering guides are available if you’re interested in summiting it, or just head to the park and take some incredible photographs and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Quilotoa Tour :

The Quilotoa Lagoon is a water-filled caldera (a type of volcanic crater) located 66 km south of the Ecuadorian city of Latacunga. This otherworldly lake is becoming an increasingly popular attraction, with single-day tours available as well as multi-day treks around the lake’s perimeter.

Amazon Rainforest:

The Amazon basin makes up the eastern third of the nation of Ecuador, and is accessible from many places in the country including the town of Baños, often called the “Gateway to the Amazon.” The Amazon Rainforest is more often associated with Brazil or Peru in many people’s minds, but Ecuador is actually an excellent place to experience the jungle, and prices are quite affordable.

Galápagos Tour:

The famous Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador is home to some of the most unique and interesting endemic species of any ecosystem in the world. It was the biological diversity of these islands which famously inspired Charles Darwin when he wrote On the Origin of Species. Nature lovers should not miss out on visiting this incredible archipelago while in Ecuador.

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