2 Day Tour (Night in Baños)
(With Stops in Cotopaxi & Quilotoa)

2 Day Tour (Night in Baños)
(With Stops in Cotopaxi & Quilotoa)

4 Activities

2 Destinations


Hotel/Hostel Pick-up & Drop-off


This is a 2 day short tour to Baños, considered the adventure capital of Ecuador. On the way from Quito to Baños, we’ll make a stop at the Quilotoa Lagoon, an unbelievable turquoise lake in the caldera of an active volcano. Once in Baños, you’ll enjoy a number of wonderful activities set against a beautiful backdrop of waterfalls and tropical greenery. This short tour makes for a great 2-day escape from Quito.


  • Note:We recommend spending the night in Cotopaxi to fully experience the area since the stop can sometimes be skipped due to cloudy weather obstructing the view.
  • Visit a lookout point for the incredible Quilotoa Lagoon, located inside the crater of an active volcano. (Quilotoa)
  • Toachi Canyon is a small, gorgeous canyon that is missed by many travelers. We’ll get off the beaten track and make a brief stop here to take some photos and appreciate an exquisite view of the Ecuadorian countryside. (Toachi Canyon)
  • Ride the “Swing at the End of the World” at La Casa del Árbol where you can look out at the epic Mt. Tungurahua Volcano, the town of Baños below, and the vast Ecuadorian wilderness in the distance. (Baños)
  • Go for a relaxing dip in the town of Baños’s namesake natural thermal baths. (Baños)
  • Visit the stunning Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron), one of the most spectacular waterfalls in all of South America. View the falls from their base or climb up the adjacent staircase to see this beautiful natural marvel from above. (Baños)
  • Ride a cable car over the Pastaza River for extraordinary panoramic views of waterfalls, mountains, and beautiful jungle landscapes. (Baños)

What this tour offers:

  • 3 unforgettable destinations
    • Quilotoa - An extraordinary water-filled volcanic crater nestled among Ecuador’s central highlands
    • Cotopaxi - home to Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and one of Ecuador’s most famous sights
    • Baños - Considered the adventure capital of Ecuador

  • 5 Incredible Activities
    • Toachi Canyon View Point - Small, gorgeous canyon that is missed by many travelers
    • Quilotoa Shalala View Point - Catch some of the most breathtaking views
    • Swing At The End Of The World - Famous swing at La Casa del Arbol where you’ll get amazing views
    • Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall - One of the most spectacular waterfalls in all of South America

  • 1 night in Baños

  • Daily departures

  • Hotel/hostel pickups & dropoffs
    • Safety and comfort guaranteed

Price from: $149

Tour Itinerary & What's Included

Day 1: Quito - Cotopaxi - Quilotoa - Baños

05:30am - 06:30am

Direct pick-up from your hostel or hotel in Quito to begin the trip to Baños.


Arrive at the Chuquiragua Lodge. Here we will have the chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast and observe the stunning Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the country's most famous sights. Cotopaxi stop depends on weather conditions.



Toachi River Canyon lookout point – we stop at the canyons deepest point, at 100 meters deep, and allow you to take in the view and learn a little about the canyon



Shalala lookout point – enjoy the stunning views of the Quilotoa volcano lake from one of the best viewpoints


Depart Quilotoa


Arrive at Baños.



Swing at the End of the World – visit the famous swing at La Casa del Árbol and take in an amazing view of the gorgeous mountain landscapes.

Night in Baños

Recommended activity: visit the nearby thermal baths which gave Baños its name and go for a relaxing dip in these healing pools.
You can book accommodation with any of our partners at the time of your booking or you're free to book your own accommodation.

Day 2: Baños - Quito

Free morning in Baños

Have breakfast and relax or explore the town of Baños a bit.


Pick-up at your hotel/hostel (within the city center) to begin the day's activities.



Pastaza River cable car – experience one of the most extraordinary sights you’ve ever seen, with 360 degree views of waterfalls, mountains, and beautiful jungle landscapes.

09:30am - 10:30am


Devil’s Cauldron (Pailón del Diablo) – get a view of the astonishing waterfall, which is one of the main highlights in Baños.

11:00am - 1:00pm

Free time in Baños


Depart Baños.


Direct drop-off at your hotel/hostel in Quito.

What’s Included

  • Direct pick-up from hostel/hotel in Quito
  • Transport to viewing point for the breathtaking, turquoise-colored Quilotoa Lagoon
  • Transport to the town of Baños
  • Visit to the famous "Swing at the End of the World" at La Casa del Árbol for stunning views
  • Transport to viewing point for the majestic Pailon del Diablo waterfall
  • Cable car ride over the river for incredible panoramic views
  • All taxes and entrance fees
  • Transport back to your hotel or hostel in Quito

Not Included

  • Breakfast, lunch, and evening meals
  • Accommodation can be added-on when purchasing your ticket

Important Info & Notes

Departure Days

Every Day

Time of Departure


Pick-up Location

All hostels and hotels in Quito (direct pick-up)


Minimum Time Needed

2 Days / 1 Night


$149 Includes transport, tours and guide on board. Accommodation add-ons available. *Meals not included.

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