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Ecuador is an amazing country with a ton to offer visitors. Here you’ll find beautiful scenery, friendly people, delicious food and a fascinating history. For such a small country, Ecuador sure manages to fit a lot within its borders. The climate and culture of each region can vary greatly, from the thick jungles of the Amazon Rainforest to the gorgeous beaches of the Pacific coast and everything in between. We’ve compiled the following guides to some of Ecuador’s most-visited cities and towns to help you get to know this country a little better. Ecuador Hop buses stop in each of the places listed here. Check out these useful guides to familiarize yourself with each place before you arrive, and learn about everything you need to know, including where to eat and sleep, the best nightlife spots, safety tips, and more.

This gorgeous city has centuries of history behind it, and is home to the best-preserved historic center in all of the Americas.


With the largest population in Ecuador, this coastal metropolis is an exciting modern city that’s well worth exploring.


The beach town of Montañita is a little piece of paradise on the coast, great for surfing or just enjoying some relaxing days in the sun.


This “Gateway to the Amazon” is one of South America’s adventure capitals, a great place to depart for rainforest treks and excursions.

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